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From a personal perspective, I  still feel like a little kid when I am outside with the wind blowing in my face. 

I have been influenced by other Canadian artists who embrace the trees and rugged landscape of our country and I have tried to find a style  that is warm and full of life.  You will find many of the pieces have playful titles.
Inspired by nature’s unpredictability, a new piece is carefully planned and furiously executed in layers on a crimson canvas.

Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of passion,  vigor and vibrance. If you have experienced any of those in a day - it is a grand way to live.
Calling yourself an artist is a vulnerable moment. I  feel inspired by other artists' work, whether it's painted, sculpted, welded, written, coloured or carved.

For this reason, each piece comes with the inspiring photo  and story of where the painting originated.
A childhood interest in painting was encouraged by my parents and led to early sales at the age of 13 with works across Canada. Following a 12-year career painting children's murals as "Creative Painting by Design", I now want to focus on  building a stronger presence as a landscape painter.
A sincere thank you to my family, friends, co-workers and hundreds of clients who continue to encourage and support my artistic endeavors. It truly takes a village to nurture a creative mind.  Thank you.